Tygothane<span class="sup">®</span> Precision Polyurethane Pressue Tubing

Tygothane® Precision Polyurethane Pressure Tubing
Formulation C-544-A I.B.

Because of its excellent wear properties, Tygothane® frequently outperforms rubber, plastic and metal materials in the most physically demanding applications.

More flexible than many other reinforced urethane tubings, Tygothane® Pressure Tubing can be used in the most physically demanding applications, such as those requiring a tight bend radius. Specially formulated from tough, ether-based polyurethane resin, Tygothane® tubing is resistant to a range of chemicals, including oils, greases, solvents and chemicals.

Because of its excellent wear properties, Tygothane® frequently outperforms traditional rubber, plastic and metal materials when exposed to abrasive conditions. Tygothane® also is plasticizer-free, and remains flexible even when cycled through temperature extremes.

*NSF has length restriction, determined by tubing size, for NSF 61 applications.

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  • Abrasion and tear resistant
  • Braid reinforcement for elevated working pressures
  • Resistant to oils, greases and fuels
  • Flexible even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Meets NSF 61 criteria for potable water contact*
  • Contains no chemicals listed in California’s Prop 65
  • Phthalates-free
Typical Applications
  • Food & Cosmetic Processing
  • Abrasive and Viscous Slurry Transfer
  • Lubricant and Degreaser Dispensing
  • Pellet and Powder Transfer
  • Pneumatic Sensory Devices
  • Instrumentation Control Lines
  • Coolant Recovery Systems
Tygothane® C-544-A I.B. Tubing Typical Physical Properties
PropertyASTM MethodValue or Rating
Durometer Hardness - Shore A, 15 sec D2240 85
Color- Clear
Tensile Strength - psi (MPa) D412 5,000 (34.5)
Ultimate Elongation, % D412 400
Tear Resistance - lb-f/inch (kN/m)


350 (61.3)

Specific GravityD792 1.12
Water Absorption, % - 24 hours @ 23ºC D570 1.80
Compression Set Constant Deflection, % - @ 158ºF (70ºC) for 22 hours D395 - Method B 19
Brittleness by Impact Temp - ºF (ºC) D746 -100 (-73)

Max Recommended Operating Temp - ºF (ºC)


180 (82)

Dielectric Strength - v/mil (kV/mm) D149 550 (21.6)

Tensile Modulus,
@ 100% Elongation, psi (MPa)
@ 300% Elongation, psi (MPa)


800 (5.5)
1,200 (8.3)

Tensile Set, % D412 45
Unless otherwise noted, all tests were conducted at room temperature (73ºF).  Values shown were determined on 0.075" thick extruded strip or 0.075" thick molded ASTM plaques or molded ASTM durometer buttons.


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