Tygon S3 Laboratory Tubing #E-3603 (Formerly "Laboratory & Vacuum Tubing")

Tygon S3 Laboratory Tubing #E-3603 (Formerly "Laboratory & Vacuum Tubing")

The most consistently reliable tubing for the transfer of liquids and gases, Tygon S3™ Laboratory Tubing handles virtually all inorganic chemicals found in today’s laboratories.


Tygon S3™ E-3603 Tubing handles most inorganic chemicals found in the laboratory. It is nonoxidizing and non-contaminating, and less permeable than rubber tubing. The glassy-smooth inner bore helps prevent buildup to facilitate cleaning. Coils are marked at 1-foot (30.4 cm) intervals for easy measuring.

Tygon S3™ E-3603 Vacuum Tubing has extra-heavy walls that will withstand a full vacuum at room temperature (29.9" [759mm] of mercury at 73°F [23°C] and up to 27" [686mm] of mercury at 140°F [60°C]). Like standard Tygon® Laboratory Tubing, Tygon S3TM E-3603 Vacuum Tubing resists most inorganic chemicals and can be used in corrosive atmospheres.

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  • The new bio-based formulation delivers the same excellent performance
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results
  • Non-oxidizing and non-contaminating
  • Smooth, polished inner wall
  • Slips easily over fittings and grips securely for simple lab set-ups
  • Contains no BPA
  • Standard sizes available to hold full vacuum at room temperature
  • Meets NSF 51 and 61 criteria
  • Contains no chemicals listed in California’s Prop 65
  • Phthalates-free
Typical Applications
  • General laboratory
  • Analytical instruments
  • Peristaltic and vacuum pumps
  • Ideal for condensers, incubators, desiccators, gas lines and drain lines


Typical Physical Properties
PropertyASTM Method Value or Rating
Durometer Hardness - Shore A, 15 sec D2240 56
Color - Clear
Tensile Strength - psi (MPa) D412 1,750 (12.1)
Ultimate Elongation, % D412 425
Tear Resistance - lb-f/inch (kN/m) D1004
173 (31)
Specific Gravity D792 1.21
Water Absorption, % - 24 hours @ 23ºC D570 0.21
Compression Set Constant Deflection, % - @ 158ºF (70ºC) for 22 hours D395 - Method B 64
Brittleness by Impact Temp - ºF (ºC) D746 -51 (-46)

Max Recommended Operating Temp - ºF (ºC)

- 165 (74)
Tensile Stress,
@ 100% Elongation, psi (MPa)
- 582 (4.0)
Tensile Set, % D412 95

Unless otherwise noted, all tests were conducted at room temperature (73ºF). Values shown were determined on 0.075" thick extruded strip or 0.075" thick molded ASTM plaques or molded ASTM durometer buttons.

For complete compliance information and appropriate use instructions, please refer to the detailed document of compliance. The complete compliance information and use instructions can be found at www.TygonS3.com.