Fitting System Overview

Fitting System Overview

STHT-R Braided Silicone Hose with Vulcanized Ends
Crimp Fitting
Vulcanized Fitting
Reusable Fitting 


Vulcanized Fitting System


Sanitary vulcanized molded ends allow the fabrication of hose assemblies with a smooth, virtually crevice-free interior surface that extends over the sealing face. Manufactured entirely from platinum cured silicone, this fitting system is designed to eliminate product entrapment areas for the cleanest possible connection. Vulcanized ends are fully autoclavable and are to be utilized with STHT silicone tubing/hose only.


Crimp Fitting System


Our fittings can be secured to the hose via a 360° circumferential crimp. The crimp dies are engineered to maximize the surface area of the crimp, taking full advantage of the designed-in safety features of all fittings. Crimp fittings do not leak or blow off even in elevated temperature and pressure applications.


Non-Metallic Reusable System


The new reusable fitting is designed exclusively for STHT silicone hose. The fitting stems are manufactured with 316L SS and laser marked with a heat number to ensure traceability. The patented o-ring design provides a 360° seal at the stem-to-hose-sleeve junction point, eliminating potential entrapment areas. A lightweight polymer nut provides superior impact resistance that can be assembled and disassembled with ease.