PureFit<span class="sup">®</span> Tube Clamp Systems

PureFit® Tube Clamp Systems
Biopharmaceutical Products The Ultimate Tube Clamp System

Pure-Fit® TC two piece design allows connection before or after the tubing assembly is completed and the integral bore hole allows total lock out.

Pure-Fit ® TC

The Pure-Fit® TC ultimate tube clamp system is a new generation of clamping systems for the pharmaceutical industry. It features an outer body with no sharp edges eliminating the potential of snags, scratches, or punctures. The unique locking mechanism is fully encapsulated to guard against untimely or unwanted release. The Pure-Fit® TC system has a press down locking system and a side release mechanism allowing for secure and single handed operation and installation. The new design features an integral bore hole for absolute lockout capabilities. This innovative design allows for complete flow stoppage and can be installed over the tube in the normal fashion or assembled after the tube is already in a completed assembly.

Pure-Fit ® TC Characteristics

Pure-Fit® TC is constructed from high performance thermoplastic materials such as PVDF or polypropylene. Pure-Fit® TC comes in two standard sizes (3/8'' and 3/4'') to accommodate a wide range of tubing products.

Pure-Fit ® TC Compatibility

Pure-Fit® TC is fully autoclavable and sterilizable and meets all USP Class VI criteria. Pure-Fit® TC ultimate tube clamps have been physically tested to meet the most demanding applications.


  • Provides complete fluid stoppage

  • No sharp edges or corners preventing
    punctures and ruptures

  • Internal ratchet mechanism meters fluid flow

  • Can be installed on or over tubing or finished assemblies

  • Has a high degree of leverage to accommodate varied durometer tubing

  • Single hand installation capability for ease of operation

  • Unique top locking mechanism and side release to prevent unwanted openings

  • Integral bore hole for lock out capabilities

  • Available in PVDF or polypropylene

  • Fully autoclavable and sterilizable

  • Custom colors and identification available

Typical Applications
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical processes

  • Peristaltic pump sets

  • Drug delivery and discovery

  • Medical systems

  • Laboratory functions

  • Assemblies and tubing sets


Part Number Material Tubing Range
O.D. - Inches
Minimum, Wall Section
PFTC375PP Polypropylene 1/8-3/8 .030
PFTC375PVDF PVDF 1/8-3/8 .030
PFTC750PP Polypropylene 3/8-3/4 .060
PFTC750PVDF PVDF 3/8-3/4 .060


Property Polypropylene PVDF
Tensile Strength, psi (MPa) ASTM D638-91 4,800 (33.1) 6,300 (43.4)
Flexural Modulus, psi (MPa) ASTM D790-92 145,000 (999.7) 290,000 (1,999.5)
Hardness (Shore D) ASTM D2240-91 72 78
Heat Deflection ASMT D648-82
ºF (ºC) @ 66 psi
ºF (ºC) @264 psi

189 (87)

266 (130)
221 (105)
Water Absorption (%) ASTM D570-81 0.01 0.03
Maximum Recommended Working Temperature ºF (ºC) 200 (93) 275 (135)