Pipe Handling Systems

Pipe Handling Systems

Sanitary / Hygienic Supports

The CH Series "Compact Hygienic" Hanger System incorporates many patented innovations which will aid the designing engineers, installers, maintenance personal as well as the finished look of the piping systems. The dynamic features allows the hanger body to vary up to 7° from center, independent of the hanging rod, for sloped line adjustment and it also swivels 360°. Combining these features with the use of 88º and 92º connections will reduce stress on the tube and its welded connections.

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Behringer CH Series Compact Hygienic

The innovative CH Series hangers design was developed with the input of engineers, contractors, end users and Behringer's strong understanding of hygienic tube and pipe applications. These compact HIgh Purity hangers answer industry concerns, while incorporating several contractor time-saving benefits.

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Behringer Smooth Bore Series Sanitary Clamps

Our clamp components can be quickly and effectively secured and are virtually maintenance free. Our modular clamp design assures greater flexibility in assembly, adjustment and stacking as well as an endless variety of application configurations to suit every need while our injection-molded clamp halves have outstanding physical properties, offering excellent dielectrical and acoustical insulating properties. Our Santoprene clamp halves also offer resistance to salt water, oils as well as most acids, alkalis, and other chemical solutions.

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Thermal Expansion Inserts

Pipe Handling Systems - Insert guides Thermal expansion spacer converts our tight fit "hygienic" clamp into a low friction support, allowing axial movement of a tube or pipe during periods of thermal growth. Suitable for temperatures from -40˚F to 302˚F.

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Behringer Accessories

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Behringer Standard Series Pipe Clamps

Pipe Handling Systems - Insert guides Standard series pipe clamps can withstand the shock and vibration that a hydraulic system operating at up to 2,000 psi can deliver

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