Please note that Pharmalex has now been replaced by Bioflex Ultra TO, SI. Please see the Bioflex Ultra page for further details.

Pharmaline N is built around a unique PTFE hose liner design, which is smooth bore inside but convoluted outside to generate excellent flexibility combined with “hoop strength”.

A Grade 316 stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire braid reinforcement adds to the kink resistance, crush resistance and the resistance of the hose to both pressure and vacuum. For sizes 3/4” and above, a Grade 316 SS helical wire is wound in to the convolutions to further reinforce the hose design.

A thick wall cover of white Platinum Cured Silicone rubber is extruded on to the braid and a text line is laser printed on the cover, which includes the hose Batch Number, for traceability.

This reinforced PTFE construction is strong enough to withstand full vacuum and kinking without the need for either internal convolutions or the need to bond the liner to an outer cover, making it an ideal hose liner design, and a significant improvement upon standard products currently available. (Competitors’ products include a non-FDA approved adhesive layer outside a thin wall PTFE or FEP liner tube, which can leach into a process fluid through small pinholes and cracks).

The primary application area for Pharmaline N is in high purity pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, personal care and foodstuffs plants where chemical resistance and ease of cleaning and sterilising the hose are required.

Pharmaline N is also very suitable for use in other general industrial applications, particularly those where hot fluids or gases are being passed, if there is any risk of burns due to accidental touching of the hose – for example, hot oil or steam transfer applications

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