Peristaltic Pump - Sta-Pure<span class="sup">®</span> W.L.Gore & Associates Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Peristaltic Pump - Sta-Pure® W.L.Gore & Associates
Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Long Life Performance

The exceptional longevity of the STA-PURE® W.L.Gore & Associates peristaltic pump tube is extremely beneficial for tangential flow filtration and other high-pressure applications. At a back pressure of 60 psi, this pump tube lasts over 1,000 hours with continuous use at 200 rpm. Under transfer conditions, it exhibits 18 times the life of silicone rubber tubing, and nearly twice the life of thermoplastic elastomer tubing with continuous pumping at 360 rpm. Tube rotation is eliminated, and the risk of premature tube rupture is significantly reduced.

Unique structure produces highest pressure rating

The unique composite construction of STA-PURE® W.L.Gore & Associates tubing provides superior burst resistance compared to non-reinforced silicone rubber and thermoplastic elastomer tubing. With burst strength approaching 360 psi (24 atm), the STA-PURE® W.L.Gore & Associates tube can operate at elevated pressures for filtration, transfer, and in-line steam sterilization operations.

Virtually Eliminates Spallation

The exceptional toughness of the composite structure of STA-PURE® W.L.Gore & Associates tubing provides superior resistance to cracking and abrasion virtually eliminating spallation. This means the risk of filter plugging is significantly reduced without sacrificing tube life. Moreover, process streams stay cleaner, thereby reducing downstream filtration requirements. The end result: increased efficiency and throughput, along with reduced downtime.

Smooth Bore Reduces Contamination

The interior of STA-PURE® W.L.Gore & Associates tubing is three times smoother than thermoplastic elastomer tubing. During pumping, thermoplastic elastomer tubing develops grooves where the tube creases, causing rubber particles to be expelled into the process stream. The surface roughness increases from 1.6 microns to 3.6 microns in RMS roughness, whereas the STA-PURE® W.L.Gore & Associates tubing shows only a slight change in surface characteristics.


  • Unique composite material
  • Very high hoop strength
  • High resilience: maintains original shape over time
  • Compatible with sanitary fittings
  • USP Class VI approved
  • Cited in FDA Type II Material Master File
  • Enables continuous high-
    pressure pumping
  • Less downtime from premature
    tube rupture
  • Maintains stable flow rate
  • Superior longevity
Technical Data
  • Material: Proprietary composite material: platinum-cured silicone and expanded PTFE
  • Burst resistance: Lasts a minimum of 50 hours with continuous use @ 600 rpm and back pressure of 60 psi.
  • Operating pressure: Up to 100 psi
  • Durability: Lasts 18 times longer than silicone
  • Sizes: Available in sizes up to 50 mm ID



Burst pressures of STA-PURE® W.L.Gore & Associates peristaltic pump tubes at various bores.
At left, Spatualtion debris collected onto a microporous filter membrance after recirculating water for 48 hours through TPE tubing (left) and STA-PURE® tube W.L.Gore & Associates (right). The thermoplastic elastomer tube produced particles of rubber, inorganic filler, and plasticizer.
At left, Profilometric scan of STA-PURE W.L.Gore & Associates tube (top) compared to thermoplastic elastomer tube (bottom), before and after pumping.