Peristaltic Pump - SmartShield™ Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Peristaltic Pump - SmartShield™ Peristaltic Pump Tubing


SmartShield™ tubing provides a pure PTFE bore for product contact and a resilient Santoprene™ elastomer cover for unsurpassed durability, even at back pressures approaching 60 psig. The PTFE bore eliminates absorption of preservatives as well as leaching of plasticizers into the process stream. The elastomeric cover provides resilience for excellent flow rate stability and long flex life.

SmartShield™ tubing complies with FDA guidelines (21CFR177), and has passed USP Class VI, cytotoxicity, and physicochemical testing at an independent laboratory. SmartShield™ tubing also complies with the latest bioprocess equipment (BPE) guidelines. A complete validation guide is available upon request.

Long Life & High Purity

SmartShield™ tubing utilizes a pure PTFE bore that is bonded to a Santoprene™ elastomer cover. In comparison testing with recirculating water and hydrocarbon fluid in a Watson Marlow 313T pump, SmartShield™ tubing lasted six to ten times longer than competitive fluoroelastomer tubing and was unaffected with pumping hydrocarbon solvent. SmartShield™ tubing is compatible with polar and non-polar organic solvents, chemical intermediates, strong acids and bases, as well as particulate filled solutions. The pure PTFE bore enables one to pump fluids that would readily degrade competitive elastomer tubing. Fluid immersion testing has demonstrated that SmartShield™ tubing prevents solvents and other chemicals from attacking the elastomeric cover. The PTFE bore also eliminates concerns about leaching which would interfere with high purity applications.

Steam-in-place & Clean-in-place capability

The unique PTFE structure enables SmartShield™ tubing to be steam-in-place sterilized at 30 psig saturated steam pressure for biopharmaceutical and other sanitary applications. The PTFE bore provides universal chemical resistance which is resistant to all clean-in-place solutions. SmartShield™ tubing can withstand significant pressure compared to unreinforced tubing. The hydrostatic burst pressure of SmartShield™ tubing ranges from 280 to 500 psig.

PTFE structure enables high pressure pumping

SmartShield™ tubing, equipped with hydraulically crimped fittings, provides high pressure capability for peristaltic pumping. Fittings are available in sanitary clamp type, cam & groove, pipe thread, compression, and barb style in materials such as stainless steel, PFA and PTFE. Other fittings are available upon request. The unique PTFE structure of the bore enables millions of flex cycles at elevated pressure. In typical applications, SmartShield™ tubing can withstand more than 1,000 hours of continuous use, depending upon the pump design and the tube dimensions.

Lowest Absorbtion Tubing

SmartShield™ tubing also prevents the absorption and leaching of chemicals either into or out of the tubing wall. In the case of preservatives, such as methyl and propyl parabenes, SmartShield™ tubing stands alone in preventing absorption due to the PTFE liner, as illustrated in the chart at right. Thus, finished drugs retain their proper amount of preservative and thus their integrity. Likewise, SmartShield™ tubing eliminates leaching of plasticizers and process aids commonly found in thermoplastic and thermoset elastomer tubing. TOC values are dramatically reduced due to the PTFE liner. As a result, SmartShield™ tubing affords the highest purity processing available today.


SmartShield™ tubing lasts 10 times longer than FKM tubing and is unaffected by recirculating hydrocarbon fluid (Watson Marlow 313T running at 400 rpm with 6.4 mm ID by 2.4 mm wall tubes)

Advantages of SmartShield™ Tubing
  • Universal chemical resistance of PTFE
  • Non-absorbing & non-leaching PTFE
  • Sizes from 1/8" ID to 1" ID
  • Cost effective elements
  • Element lengths up to 5'
  • Crimped fittings standard
  • PTFE as product contact surface
  • SIP/CIP compatible