NovaSeptic Aseptic Connectors

NovaSeptic Aseptic Connectors


We offer a full range of NA connectors that deliver reliable and proven aseptic performance, no matter how demanding the process or application

Focused on Aseptic Design

NovAseptic connectors are available in two different models: tank connection or in-line. These fit a wide range of tube standards, including: ISO, ASTM, DIN and SMS.

Tank Connection: Designed to avoid dead legs in all tank entries and improve the aseptic design of your process. These will reduce your sterilization and cleaning time, as well as minimize cross product contamination and product loss.

In-Line: Used with with sensors, probes, sampling devices and other devices which require in-line connectivity

Features and Benefits:
  • No dead legs – speeds up and ensures quality of CIP, making validation easier and reproducible.

  • Flexible design with range of configurations – fast and easy to use.

  • Operator friendly – reduces maintenance and risk of human error.

  • Total aseptic design – prevents contamination problems.

  • Available as a tank connected version or in-line with NovaSeptum Sampling System – allows for total process monitoring control.