Norprene<span class="sup">®</span> Pressure Tubing

Norprene® Pressure Tubing
Formulation A-60-F I.B. Provides long service life even when exposed to heat, abrasion and pressure.

Norprene® Pressure Tubing is ideal for clean-in-place and steam-in-place cleaning sterilization systems.

Ideal for use in clean-in-place and steam-in-place cleaning and sterilization systems, Norprene® Pressure Tubing has excellent alkali resistance and is compatible with numerous oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite and ozone.

Norprene® Pressure Tubing exhibits excellent resistance to ozone and UV light, with little or no signs of deterioration in laboratory testing to the equivalent of 10 yearsofoutdoorexposure. Norprene® PressureTubing provides long service life when exposed to heat, abrasion and pressure. It is temperature resistant up to 275°F and retains flexibility to -75°F.

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  • Provides long service life
  • Performs well at a range of temperatures
  • Ozone and UV light resistant
  • Repeatedly autoclavable
  • Meets 3-A and NSF 51 criteria
  • Contains no chemicals listed in California’s Prop 65
  • Phthalates-free
Typical Applications
  • Cosmetic Production
  • Food and Dairy Processing
  • Hot Beverage Dispensing
  • Plating and Etching Chemicals
  • Water Purification Lines
  • Sanitizer Delivery
  • Soap Dispensing
  • Pesticide/Fertilizer Delivery
  • Ink and toner Feed Lines
  • Chemical Transfer


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