Mixing Systems - PreValidation Service

Mixing Systems - PreValidation Service

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By combining support from our mixing specialists, our comprehensive toolbox of mixing solutions and a range of trial options in a new service package, Millipore now offers you a unique opportunity to help optimize your mixing process and achieve cost-effective results.

The Right Mix
Designed to Save You Time & Worries

Our PreValidation service package is built upon mixing knowledge accumulated by placing more than 10,000 NovAseptic® Mixers on the market. This success has been accomplished with one clear mission: ensuring that our customers obtain the mixing results they require. High mixing efficiency, excellent quality and unique CIP/SIP characteristics have established us as the leading supplier of magnetically coupled, bottom mounted mixers.

Evaluating different mixing solutions in trials prior to specifying a process reduces the risk of unpleasant – and potentially costly - surprises. By investing in the new PreValidation service package from Millipore you can save time and costs by identifying the most efficient and reliable option early in the decision making process.

The PreValidation service package not only enables you to evaluate our wide portfolio of mixing solutions while designing your process, but will also allow you to benefit from the support and guidance of our experts. In addition, we offer training programs, new product demonstrations, troubleshooting and general technical support.

Press Release -

Millipore Introduces New Service Offer for Evaluating Mixer Solutions

Billerica, Massachusetts - March 31, 2008
Millipore Corporation, a Life Science leader providing technologies, tools and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today announced the introduction of a new service designed as a flexible toolbox to help customers find the most efficient solution for their specific mixing applications.

Millipore's PreValidation Service package combines the experience of our application specialists with an extensive portfolio of test equipment enabling simulations of full scale mixing processes. The PreValidation Center outside Gothenburg, Sweden and the Bioprocess Manufacturing Sciences Group lab in Billerica, MA, facilitate comparative studies, particle downsizing and emulsification efficiency trails as well as optimization of mixing efficiency and suspension of solids. Our mixing specialists can help customers upscale or downscale their manufacturing processes.

In addition to working at our service centers, Millipore can conduct on-site trials using a range of portable test equipment. The modularized concept makes this a convenient alternative for evaluations of new mixing technologies, low shear mixers, upstream mixers and high shear mixers in a real production environment. Our mixing specialists are available for trail support and guidance.

PreValidation Center - Obtain a specific mixing result in a challenging application

Our PreValidation Center in Sweden is equipped with a wide range of mixers optimized for specific unit operations, test vessels up to 5000L, and steam facilities that enable us to offer flexible trial packages. These packages allow you to simulate your mixing process so you can identify how best to perform the job.

The Bioprocess Manufacturing Sciences Group (BMSG) in Billerica, MA, comprises a laboratory that enables simulation of full-scale bioprocess operations. The facility supports all NovAseptic products and serves as an alternative location for PreValidation services for customers in North America.

The trial portfolio includes comparative studies, particle downsizing, emulsification efficiency as well as optimization of mixing efficiency and suspension of solids. Mixer selection tools and prediction models are frequently used by our experts

PreValidation On-Site Trials - A convenient way to optimize an existing process

This is your simplest alternative for evaluating mixing solutions in an existing process. A toolbox of mobile mixing solutions - including mobile transparent tanks, high-shear mixers, upstream mixers and GMP mixers - is at your disposal. This provides you with the flexibility to evaluate new mixing technologies in your production environment and even in your process, if required. When considering retrofitting an existing process for a new mixing purpose or building multi-product capability, our modularized product platforms make on-site trials easy. Our experienced staff of application experts is available for support in the trials.

Avoid Costly Surprises

A challenging mixing process: high amounts of floating powder added to low levels of liquid was evaluated in the PreValidation Center. The best solution for optimal drainability and mixing was found to be a combination of a tulip shaped tank and a NovAseptic GMP Mixer. The best design of the vessel, positioning of the mixer, point of addition of the powder as well as selection of the required mixer size were all captured in the design process, before capital investments.

Get it right from the start by identifying the best solution early in the design process. Your also have the option of evaluating a new mixing technology on-site before installing it in your process.

Save Time

Simulations in the PreValidation Center have shown that by selecting the appropriate mixer solution, the total mixing time can be reduced by as much as several hours, for example, in buffer preparation processes.

Investing in trials that help you determine the most effective solution in terms of cleanability and mixing saves time – time that can be used to increase your production.

Benefit from Fexibility

Minimum batch sizes were the limiting factor when a customer was designing a new mixing process in existing vessels. Trials performed at Millipore showed that combining a high shear mixer (HS) and a low shear mixer (GMP) allowed batch sizes even smaller than requested. The HS dissolves the powder, the GMP provides mixing. These findings mean the vessels can be used for making several products – an investment in flexibility.

Several mixer solution options and parameters can be included in tailor made trials. You can choose whether these take place in our PreValidation Center or on-site at your facility. We will work with you to design trials to help determine what mixing solution will achieve your desired performance results.


Mixing Test in PreValidation Center

Material Tank Diameter (mm) Total Volume (L)
Stainless Steel 1600 5400
Stainless Steel - Tulip 1415 1560
Acrylic 1200 1200 & 2225
Acrylic 990 865 & 1635
Acrylic 790 670
Acrylic 644 300
Stainless Steel 620 180
Acrylic 394 85
Acrylic 250 40
Acrylic 150 8



Complete GMP, HS, HSI & USM series.


Mixing Test run by Millipore at the Customer Site

Material Tank Diameter (mm) Total Volume (L)
Stainless Steel 1600 5400



GMP500, HS T60 & USM T60 series.


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