i-Logic™ Gasket Systems

i-Logic™ Gasket Systems

Sealed to Perfection... and Not Beyond™

Developed for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets, the i-logic™ gasket system is the only system that provides smooth-bore sealed connections, is non-particulating, and is color-coded and lot- numbered for rapid process identification.


Engraved Lot Numbers

Another unique feature available with i-logic™ gasket system is the use of engraved lot numbers on the sides of the gaskets for permanent traceability of raw materials. The marked gaskets provide a high-purity, high-integrity method of identifications. Every i-logic™ gasket is packaged with a certificate of compliance to indicate biocompatibility and lot numbering.


Smooth-Bore Sealing

Over-extruded gaskets restrict the proper drainage of aseptic systems, lead to rapid deterioration of exposed gasket materials, and obstruct the flow of shear sensitive products.


Color-Coded and Lot-Numbered Gaskets

Another key feature of the i-logic™ gasket system is the use of color-coding and lot-numbering of the gaskets for easy viewing through the slotted clamp shown in the photograph to the left.


Non-Particulating Gasket

The i-logic™ gasket system virtually eliminates product contamination from spallation (particulation from rubber). As shown in the photo at right, over-extruded gaskets generate spallation debris that can end up on filtration media and lead to reduced efficiency and product contamination.


Steam-Resistant Platinum Silicone

The i-logic™ gasket utilizes a high purity, platinum-catalyzed, silicone elastomer. There are no peroxide decomposition byproducts and no plasticizers used in the formulations. In addition, the i-logic™ gasket resists chemical reversion from high temperature steam unlike competitive elastomers. FKM elastomers degrade, leaving low molecular weight residues that can be leached into the process stream and can bond gaskets to flange faces (see photo at left).