Clear-Mark<span class="sup">®</span> System

Clear-Mark® System


Developed by Integra Companies, Inc., CLEAR-mark® silicone hose labels are permanently bonded to the hose to eliminate entrapment areas and crevices.

CLEAR-mark labels are durable and suitable for repeated autoclave and steam in place/clean in place (SIP/CIP) cycles. As label application is part of hose fabrication, quick turn-around time is never sacrificed.

Features and Benefits:
  • Permanently bonded to hose.
  • 1.5" high - Easy to read.
  • Zero entrapment areas & easy to clean.
  • Will not rub, peel or fall off.
  • Suitable for SIP/CIP and autoclave.
  • No product contact.
  • Marked with easy-to-read customer, hose, and manufacturer information.
  • Color coding options include: clear, black, gray, red, yellow, blue, green.
  • Available on all Silicone hose products.


Color Chart:
Color Code
Clear c
Black k
Blue b
Green n
Gray g
Red r
Yellow y
Brown bn
Orange o
Purple p

Note: Colors may not appear exactly on Clear-mark as they show on your monitor. Please contact STI with questions.