Flexicon OEM Trolley with Peristaltic Fillers

Many filling machine manufacturers have already successfully incorporated Flexicon trolley solutions into their filling lines, thereby adding value to their product and increased satisfaction from their clients.

  • Full flexibility in fill volumes from less than 0.2ml to more than 250ml
  • Prevent spillage between fills, foaming and splashing
  • High filling accuracy prevents costly overfilling. Better than ±0,5% for most volumes
  • Fast changeover
  • No cross contamination
  • Simple integration
  • Easy to use
  • Global support and high quality filling accessories


  • Existing filling lines where piston pumps need to be replaced
  • New high capacity filling lines for the pharmaceutical, biotech or the diagnostics industry


Flexicon offers trolley designs for 2 to 16 filling stations. The MC12P master control can either be integrated in the trolley or mounted on the control panel of the main machine.

Benefit from a fast validation process and obtain optimum capacity with no time-consuming stops due to splashing, foaming or dripping on the bottle track. More importantly, say goodbye to costly overfilling and lengthy piston filler cleaning validation.

Please contact us for the calculation of the number of filling heads needed for your application.

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