Tubing - C-Flex Assemblies

Tubing - C-Flex® Assemblies

C-Flex Tubing Assemblies give advantages including a unique, custom-designed solutions to fit your specific requirements, versatility, pre-sterilized and ready-to-use at your facility.Specify C-Flex® tubing as part of your Tubing Assemblies.

The advantages include:

  • Unique custom-designed solutions to fit your specific requirements.
  • Versatility (offering a wide variety of components)
  • Pre-sterilized and ready-to-use at your facility
  • Significant cost savings

C-Flex is a Class VI material manufactured under strict GMPs by Consolidated Polymer Technologies, Inc., Clearwater, Florida 33762. C-Flex has been the “material of choice” for over twenty years and used extensively for fluid handling in single-use biopharmaceutical bags, cell culture transfer, pumping applications and medical device components.

C-Flex is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation.