Single-Use Fluid Paths – Asepticsu™

asepticsu™ is a sterile, single-use fluid path perfected for aseptic filling by Flexicon, the world leader in peristaltic filling systems for over 25 years.

The combination of asepticsu™ and Flexicon peristaltic technology lowers your risk in high purity, high accuracy filling applications.

Offering precision filling from less than 0.5 ml to over 50 ml, Flexicon peristaltic filling with asepticsu single-use technology delivers rapid product change-over, no line-cleaning, no cross-contamination and simplified validation.

Many departments will see value in using Flexicon single-use fluid paths and filling equipment.

  • Huge validation savings – faster to market
  • Contamination – eliminated
  • Small batch production – easy and efficient
  • Costly overfilling – prevented
  • Inventory management – made simple
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Flexicon Asepticsu Single-Use Fluid Paths
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